Monday, February 18, 2013


**I apologize to everyone for the lack of posts lately. Especially my mom because she is probably my only reader.**

So...sad news. I ripped the tights. I'm going to have to get another pair ASAP! I loved wearing them. They were cute and edgy. The perfect combo for leather or sweaters. They also went well with my hockey jersey for Saturday night games. Oh well...

Anyways, my ASOS dress came from.....UNCLAIMED BAGAGE(local thrifty place) and was a total of 15 bucks. How awesome is that? My leather jacket??? Forever 21. It cost 5 bucks. Yeah, it was a half off clearance sale that I just happened to be at. Oh, and the tights... I think they came from China, they were 10 bucks. So thats $30.00 for the outfit. Yeah. 

Btw guys, hockey is fantastic and I'll be writing a post on it soon. I have one saved in my drafts from like two weeks ago but I've been busy with school and work so I've barely had time to do anything other than sleep and breathe.

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