Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Goodbye 2013

 Throughout the year, black has been my main color and mixing hardcore with feminine (still dark) textures and patterns has become my go to. I also said goodbye to red hair and hello to my black hair again. 

Summing up this year with words would be here are some photos that will do it. 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Seven Deadly Spends (Under $15)

| 1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6. | 7. |

Has anyone ever been to No? Well, you're missing out. Every item listed above is from that site. And yes, they really are all under 15 bucks. 

When I online shop, my browsing sites are:

Of course, I have to shop in the clearance section on a lot of those sites, but on SammyDress, I can shop in any section of the site without completely emptying out my wallet. 

Those are my top choices from the site at the moment.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Blogging for Vinted!

So I'm so happy to announce that I am now one of Vinted's bloggers! Vinted is an online community where girls can swap, sell, or give away clothes! It's such a wonderful site and I have made countless friends on there already.

If you haven't ever been to the site you should go by and sign up, they even have an awesome app! There are forums for anything from talking about your four legged friends to relationship advice. I am so excited to get to be part of the Vinted community!

My post on there will differ from the ones I post on here. For example, I did a Seven Deadly Spends post just for items on the website. You can read it here.

So yeah, stop by the site, sign up, and if you have a closet full of clothes to sell (like I do), make some cash!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wants for the Home. (Urban Outfitters)

| 1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6. |

Two words.... Urban Outfitters. Not only do they have amazing clothing, their "Apartment" section is absolutely amazing. In a perfect home, I would have all of these items. I can't pick just one favorite item out of these six. I will say that I am a little obsessed with the light fixture. Yeah..... I'm drooling over it as I'm writing this.