Friday, January 4, 2013

Started by a Rumor

This is Zachary.

Yeah. This is my boyfriend, best friend, companion, driver, co-photographer, & love. A typical day with us usually involves talking about super heros, watching some form of the 29 tv shows we have started and have yet to finish, eating candy, meowing....., writing, drinking coffee, playing cards, visiting Unclaimed Baggage, and going on photography adventures. We are pretty much the same person. Have you ever heard of a perfect relationship? No? Well we have one.

We first met during the summer of 2010. I was a Sophomore at a local junior college, and he was a Freshmen. I was at the college from 7am-10pm everyday. I opened the college coffee shop, where he would stop by for coffee and innocent flirting. After work I would go to classes from 11-5, and then at 5 I would make my way to theater practice, where he was on scholarship. So lets just say we seen each other everyday. After I graduated, I stayed with my job at the coffee shop and he still had a year of school to go until he transferred. 

In the spring of 2012, after almost two years of making goggly eyes at each other, we both participated in our theater departments production of Fiddle on the Roof. He was Perchick and I was Grandmother Tzeitel (yes, I was a dead old woman). Our group of friends in the theater started this whole "#rumortuesday" thing on twitter. So obviously a rumor got "started" that we were dating/serenading each other/whatever else people could say to make us come together. This led to us flirting over text messages and on our breaks at practice. About a week or so later, the rumor was true.

Now I'm sitting here on his bed blogging and he's standing at his mirror writing movie ideas on it. He has now transferred to a college that is 2 hours away and comes home every week. He is majoring in mass communication with a minor in film. I'm majoring in graphic design and minoring in marketing. 
We might just take over the world together. 
As long as I'm with him, bring it on.

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