Friday, January 4, 2013

Little town, it's a quiet village

There is a tiny town in the middle of no where called Gorham's Bluff. It's a little community complete with their own post office on the top of a mountain with about 25 unique quant houses. Since my boyfriend, Zach, lives about five minutes from it, we decided to have todays shoot there.

This outfit is made up of so many thrifty finds I don't even know where to begin. My sweater is actually a mens sweater I found at a local treasure shop called Unclaimed Baggage. My shoes, scarf, purse, leggings and jewelry all came from the same store.

The hat is way too old to even begin to figure out where it came from. It's just always been lying around the house. I thought it was my great grandfathers, but my mom says it's my brothers and my dad said it was my uncles, and my brother doesn't even know where it came from, so oh well.

This entire outfit probably cost around $40.00. Thank you Unclaimed Baggage.

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