Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Trip to the Museum

Bag - Forever 21

Wednesday Zachary and I went to the Birmingham Museum of Art. I had to find a sculpture to write a paper on for my sculpting class. The museum is twice as big as I thought it would be and we could have spent two more hours in there. After spending two hours in the museum, there were still about 20 rooms we didn't visit.

I decided that cute comfort was needed if I was going to be walking around in a chilly museum and exploring the sculpture garden out side. This outfit was perfect for this day. Basically everything in this outfit has either been seen on  here before, or it was thrifted except for my bag. It was from Forever 21 last summer. 

Anyways, if anyone is in Birmingham and you have a chance to go by the museum. It's free to get in and completely worth the two dollars for parking that you pay at the local parking deck. They even have a cute restaurant inside and they have exhibits that change out.

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