Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sweat Pants and Heels

Green Sweat Pants - Forever 21
Heels- Jeffrey Campbell
Fuzzy Scarf - ASOS
So everything that is not listed above was thrifted.

I felt like I should have been mountain climbing in this outfit. Except there is no way I could ever even imagine it in my Jeffrey Campbells. Zachary and I went to the bluff to take these photos. We were racing against the sun for light, but they turned out great. I think I made him nervous standing so close to the edge in heels but I can handle myself, haha.

This denim shirt came from a local thrift store....I'm guessing....I can't really remember which one it came from. Oh well. 
I paired wooden and brown jewelry to give the outfit more of an earthy woodsy feel.

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