Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hair Trends: The Long Bob

Its no secret, the long bob is coming back. After years of girls trying to grow their hair out for the long bohemian hair style (guilty), everyone is suddenly chopping their locks (once again, guilty). What makes this style so chic and practical, you ask? It's the effortless shape of the cut. It's so easy to style and looks great on any face shape. Bangs or no bangs, waves or no waves. It looks great any way you style it. 

I recently made the decision to cut my hair to this style. Since my hair was damaged, (via chemical treatments...stupid. stupid. stupid.) cutting it was the easiest fix. I intended to grow it out again once I had it cut, but I'm so in love with the style that I think I'll keep it shot for a while. After all, it's always nice to have a change. 

Do I miss my long hair? Yes. Do I regret getting it cut. Nope. Am I happy with the results. Absolutely. 

I would rather have shiny, healthy, bouncy hair rather than dead, damaged hair that just laid there lifeless. 

If anyone lives in the Birmingham, Alabama area, I highly recommend SalonU. They have been featured in Elle magazine as one of the top salons in the country. Brittany does my hair and I don't believe I could ever go to any one else, even tho I have to drive two hours just to get to her. 

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