Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fall is coming.

Fall is almost here and it's bringing new adventures along with it! Fall is my second favorite time of the year, right behind winter (yes, I like the drab and cold). There is nothing better than fall fashion, new semesters of college, football parties, and yes...Hockey is also coming. Here are just a few things that I have been a part of within the past two weeks.

We launched a online media site.

Check it out, I built the entire site and app. There are still a few bugs I'm working on, but it was up in time to launch it, which happened last Monday. We are live broadcasting a local high schcool football game each week, which means long Friday nights in the office with Noodle for me.

She can never stay still for a photo. Even when she is being calm and sweet.

I sort of have a new hair style...ish..

Well, to me it's new. I only dyed the top so my faded ends would add an ombre look to it. Also, I've been rocking a middle part for a few months now.

And College also started back!

This semester, I decided to take 6 classes......Don't ask me why...It was a stupid idea, but I graduate in May if I get everything done! Yay!! So after a summer break, it's back to my art and graphic design classes.

Come back to my blog soon! I plan on giving it a complete makeover, so be looking for it!

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