Sunday, February 24, 2013


There comes a time in everyones life where you get bored. Especially when you live in a small town in Alabama. Sometimes, you just want something new and exciting to come along and then BAM. It hits you.

Hockey totally hit both Zach and I about two months ago. It also knocked out about 6 of our close friends. We are hooked.

We have an SPHL team about an hour away from us. They are called The Huntsville Havoc. I suprised Zachary and took him to a game about two months ago. We have been to a game every week since and have even traveled to an away game. We bought jerseys and have our favorite players picked out. It couldn't have "hooked" (see what I did there?) us at a better time.

So. Here are some photos showing how into it we really are...

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